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Baby Dragons

3 Year Olds

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About this Program

Baby Dragons is a program for young children aged 3 years old. This class focuses on building a base level of physical competence, improving self-confidence and building rock solid motor skills through karate basics!

Please Note

All prices do not include a $30.00 association fee that is to be paid in full at the beginning of every semester. This is a non taxable item and is therefore not included in the prices listed above.​​​​

There is a test for promotion at the end of each Term.

Grading Fee average price $20 (cost may vary depending on rank being challenged in the test).

These are our general programs. Members of this program are considered members of Avalon Karate and upon registering for this program you will receive a discount on all other programs that we offer.

Other Membership Benefits:

  • Membership in the affiliated karate organisations.
  • Insurance coverage for karate participants in case of accident or injury.
  • Rank certification is recognised nationally and internationally.
  • Tournaments: Club & provincial levels; advanced students have the possibility of competing nationally and internationally.
  • Clinics: Special training with world renowned guest instructors.
  • Access to Olympic Qualification Processes.
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